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My Vision

A Science Laboratory

A laboratory for chemistry, physics, biology, electricity, electronic exploration / research; fully equipped and modern.

A Shop

A shop for fabrication: automotive, electrical, glass-work, machining, metal, welding, wood, ....

A Farm/Ranch

A complete, self-supporting farm and ranch comprising gardens and greenhouses for vegetables and herbs, fields for grazing livestock, woods to provide fuel and wood-products. Livestock includes chickens, cattle, pigs, other fowl, .... Greenhouses. Mushroom-growing operation. Heirloom species. Great genetic diversity.

A School

A complete learning environment from kindergarten through high-school, through university. Open to everyone. Rigorous and thorough. Immersive; using the ranch community as crucible.

Logic and Language. Literature. Greek. Latin. English. Mathematics. Science. Training in laboratory and shop skills. Training in food production and management via te farm and kitchen. Training in capitalism and free markets. Training in American government. History. Literature. Christianity. Business. Family and community.