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The Stomach

The Gall Bladder

The gall bladder accumulates bile produced by the liver and releases it as needed when fats enter the digestive system. Bile emulsifies fat, breaking it into small droplets which the walls of the intestine can manage. While the liver is the origin of the bile, there is not enough produced at any one time to handle all of the fat in a normal meal. While this is not a crisis (the fats will simply pass through and be eliminated) it is problemmatic. There are nutrients in the fat which you are not absorbing completely if you have insufficient bile: essential fatty acids (omega-3’s, omega-6’s), fat-soluble vitamins, cholesterol.

In short, Paleo/LCHF without a gall bladder is not a health crisis, but should be ameliorated by taking an ox-bile supplement. One or two ox-bile capsules before you eat and you will be assured of digesting optimum amounts of nutrients from your fats.